Public Digital Art Fund

Virginia Lee Montgomery, Honey Money, 2020, 4K video at Public Digital Art Fund Moscow, June 2021

Building new digital Institution in public spaces and transforming how public engages with contemporary video art

I am also curator of Public Digital Art Fund, a new immersive digital space on a busy intersection of Moscow City. It continues the 6-year mission of Moscow Public Art Fund to bring new contemporary art for people in the city streets. 

Inception of the new Public Digital Art Fund was brought forth by the ongoing global shifts and willingness to support contemporary art in its many iterations. As a team we are looking forward to inviting various international and Russian video artists to expand on the meaning and outreach of contemporary digital art. By providing this innovative space we are hoping to extend a dialogue between artists and people on the streets; to show something new, but also to ask questions and to provide a new understanding of public art. Our vision is to select three diverse and novel video works based on a variety of themes thus choosing topics for discussion and attracting philosophers, writers, other artists, curators and representatives of the Russian and Western art space to elucidate on them.



Masha Rudenko, (un)seen in collaboration with Ekaterina Korobova, Ben Cope, et al.

As March is globally recognized as a Women’s month for the March launch of the platform we focused on with three women artists. Italy/LA-based Masha Rudenko,  New York-based  Renana Neuman and  Berlin-based Eli Cortiñas all present women as central characters of their artistic explorations. If Rudenko explores the ways of perceptions she brings in a woman who adheres to the archetype – she is gentle, serene and closely connected to the rhymes of nature. In Renana Neuman’s video  a statue contemplates its life choices and its possible futures, daydreaming of other places. Temporarily Removed addresses the many processes of dislocating and enframing inherent to the construction of any collection. Women who are displayed are always chosen based on the fashion of the day. Eli Conrtiñas’ video looks at the place of an individual within a society, a woman wearing a bear mask tries to find her place in the city and outside of it. 

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